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Interface Specification, GN-9587 (PROFINET NETWORK ADAPTER)

Adapter Type

Slave node (Profinet)
Protocol Profinet, Modbus RTU
Max. Expantsion Module 32 slots
Max. Data Size Max 1440 bytes
Max Length Bus Line Up to 100m from Ethernet Hub/Switch with twisted CAT5 UTP/STP
Max. Nodes Limited by Profinet Specification.
Baud Rate 100Mbps, Auto-negotiation, Full duplex
Interface Connector RJ-45 socket * 2pcs
IP-Address Setup Via Master Device Software
Max. Parameter Size 2048 Bytes (ex : 1 slot = 64 Byte + I/O Parameter Size(Dword size))
Serial Port RS232 for MODBUS/RTU, Touch Pannel
Serial Configuration (RS232) Node : 1 (Fixed)
Baud Rate : 115200 (Fixed)
Data bit : 8 (Fixed)
Parity bit : No parity (Fixed)
Stop bit : 1 (Fixed)

6 LEDs

      1 Green/Red, Module Status (MOD)

      1 Green, Physical Connection (NET)

      1 Green/Red, Network Error (ERROR)

      1 Green/Red, Expansion I/O Module Statsus (IOS)

      1 Green, System Power Status

      1 Green, Field Power Status

2 LEDs (each RJ45 Connector)

      1 Yellow, Link/Active

      1 Green, Not used
Module Location Starter module left side of G-Series system
Field Power Detection About 14Vdc
General Specification
UL System Power Supply voltage : 24Vdc nominal, Class2
System Power

Supply voltage : 24Vdc nominal
Supply voltage range : 15~30Vdc
Protection : Output current limit (Min. 1.5A)
Reverse polarity protection

Power Dissipation 70mA typical @ 24Vdc
Current for I/O Module 1.5A @ 5Vdc
Isolation System power to internal logic : Non-isolation
System power I/O driver : Isolation
UL Field Power Supply voltage : 24Vdc nominal, Class2
Field Power Supply voltage : 24Vdc typical (Max. 30Vdc)
* Field Power Range is different depending on IO Module series.
Refer to IO Module`s Specification.
Max. Current Field Power Contact DC 10A Max.


Module Size 54mm x 99mm x 70mm


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