BACnet/IP Network Adapter

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- 다양한 산업용 프로토콜 (MODBUS TCP , EtherNet IP , PROFINET , EtherCAT , CC-Link IE , CC-Link IE Field Basic , DeviceNet , PROFIBUS , MODBUS RS485, CC-Link , CanOpen , BACnet ,MODBUS RTU) 제공

- 90종 이상 다양한 IO 모듈 구성 및 제공 (유니버셜 타입의 디지털 입력 모듈, 국내 최초 32 Points 슬라이스 I/O 모듈 , ERNI타입 커넥터 입출력 모듈)

- 컴팩트한 사이즈와 슬라이스 모듈 확장 방식으로 효율적인 공간 활용

- 사용자 편의를 고려한 Removable Terminal Block 방식 제공으로 전장 배선 및 설치 시 작업자에 쉽고 편리한 작업 환경 제공
Interface Specification, GN-9251 (BACnet/IP Network Adapter)

Adapter Type

Slave node (BACnet/IP)
BACnet Device Profile BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
Max. Supported Object Size 256 objects  (IO channels only)*
BACnet Protocol Version 1
BACnet Protocol Revision 12
Max. Expantsion Module 32 slots
Max Length Bus Line Up to 100m from Ethernet Hub/Switch with twisted CAT5 UTP/STP
Max. Nodes Limited by Ethernet Specification.
Baud Rate 10/100Mbps, Auto-negotiation, Full duplex
Interface Connector RJ-45 socket * 2pcs
IP-Address Setup Via DHCP/BOOTP or IOGuide(Crevis Software)
IP-Address Range ~ 253
IAP Mode

Set dip sw to 254.

 - IAP web-server IP:

 - Using only Internet Explorer / recommended version 11
Serial Port RS232 for MODBUS/RTU, Touch Pannel or IOGuide
Serial Configuration (RS232) 1 Node, 115200 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit (Fixed)
*Refer to ‘2.3. LED Indicator’

6 LEDs - Window Lable

MOD, LINK, ACTIVE, IOS, System Power, Field Power

2 LEDs - each RJ45 Connector

Yellow(Link/Active), Green(Not used)
Module Location About 14Vdc
General Specification
UL System Power Supply voltage : 24Vdc nominal, Class2
System Power Supply voltage : 24Vdc nominal
Supply voltage range : 15~30Vdc
Protection : Output current limit (Min. 1.5A) - Reverse polarity protection
Power Dissipation

70mA typical @ 24Vdc

Current for I/O Module

1.5A @ 5Vdc**

UL Field Power Supply voltage : 24Vdc nominal, Class2
Isolation System power to internal logic : Non-isolation
System power I/O driver : Isolation
Field Power

Supply voltage : 24Vdc typical (Max. 30Vdc) ***

Max. Current Field Power Contact DC 10A Max
Weight 162g
Module Size 54mm x 99mm x 70mm


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