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Total 94
Model Description
RT-9273 MODBUS Interface Module
RT-9261 R-Bus CAN Interface Module
RT-9222 PROFIBUS Interface Module
RT-7941 Field Power Isolator with Over Current Protection / ID Type
RT-7641 Field Distributor, 5Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 110Vac, 220Vac, ID Type
RT-7518 Power Distributor, ID Type
RT-7511 Expansion Power Supply, Input 24Vdc, Output 1.0A/5Vdc
RT-7508 Power Distributor
RT-7408 Shield Module, ID Type
RT-7241 Field Distributor, Arbitrary 5Vdc,24Vdc,48Vdc,120Vac, 240Vac
RT-7188 Common for 5Vdc and 0Vdc
RT-7118 Common for 24Vdc
RT-7111 Expansion power Supply, Input 24Vdc / Output1.0A/5Vdc
RT-7108 Common for 0Vdc
RT-7008 Shield Module
RT-5521 2 - Phase Bipolar Stepping Motor Driver, 24Vdc 2A)
RT-5114 4 channels High Speed Counter Input, 24Vdc
RT-5112 2 channels High Speed Counter Input, 24Vdc
RT-4668 Analog Output 8 Channels, 0~5V, 15Bit
RT-4664 Analog Output 4 Channels, 0~5V, 15Bit
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