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  •   Crevis is real designer and manufacture for remote I/O of fieldbus in korea
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The Best technology for industrial controller! Amount of 40% people are researcher! Selected ATC by Ministry of Trade, Business and Energy!
  • The CREVIS is specialized company for industrial network(FieldBus) having technologies for F.A.

    We have various and sliced compact I/O modules. CREVIS develops, manufactures and sales all network product for industrial that standard network, Device NET, PROFIBUS, CANopen, CC-Link, Ethenet, PROFINET, MODBUS, EtherCAT, Powerlink and ETC.

    We sell remote I/O, named FnIO, to domestic and overseas. Export to global company by ODM and OEM.
    CREVIS products and technologies provide convenient user interfaces with high reliable and competitive price. It is possible fast and stable support provide you with various and accumulated experiences. As our belief is the long-accumulated development ablility and delivery on time are our competitiveness and real technology, We've controlled SMT, manufacture, quality process and delivery by ourselves.

    We will overcome concern and distrust. CREVIS will be a best company of KOREA on FA, as we will inroad semiconductor, automobile, marine, ocean and plant industries by the quality assurance system and succesful result of delivery of the global company.
Company Name CREVIS
Major business FieldBus, Remote IO, FA camera, embadded system
CREVIS established September 29, 2000
Business Part Manufacture and develop industrial controller
Address 29-4, Gigok-Ro, Gihueng-Gu, Yong-in, Kyounggi, KOREA
TEL +82-31-899-4599
FAX +82-31-899-4509
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